Do you have Autopay?

Yes, the district offers Autopay through a checking or savings account. Please complete and submit the form located on the Account page.

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1. When will I get a bill?
2. When will my bill be due?
3. What will I be charged for?
4. How is my water usage measured?
5. What if my payment is late?
6. Is there a payment drop box? YES!
7. I just started service. Why does my bill show a previous balance?
8. Can my tenant or property manager receive the bill?
9. Can I receive my bill through email?
10. Why am I not getting my Email Bill?
11. How can I pay my bill?
12. What are the rates?
13. I just purchased a new home. How do I open an account?
14. I am selling my house. How do I close my account?
15. How do I do an address or name change?
16. Can I view my bill and account information online?
17. I am a tenant, and my landlord is late on giving me the bill.
18. Where is the Cross Valley Water District office located?
19. Do you have Autopay?
20. Why don't I have water?
21. What is Eye On Water?
22. When do the rates go up?