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Fire Hydrant Meter Use Agreement

  1. 8802 180th St SE Snohomish WA 98296
    360-668-6766 (24 hours)
    Email the Cross Valley Water District

  2. Company & Billing Information
    Please complete fully.

    This form must be completed and received by Cross Valley Water District prior to fire hydrant meter use.
  3. Fax completed form to Cross Valley Water District to 360-668-9634 or email the District.
    1. Maximum rental period is 30 days unless advance approval is granted by Cross Valley Water District.
    2. Fire Hydrant Meters left on for more than 30 days without prior approval will be charged $200 per day. Hydrant Meter use rate is $65 for the first day and $8.50 each day thereafter, plus water consumed. Water consumption is charged per 100 cubic feet, at the highest current tier.
    3. A deposit of $1265 (first day permit fee of $65 plus a refundable deposit of $1,200) is required for rentals of 24 hour or more.
    4. All trucks used to transport water are subject to inspection by district personnel. Any water user that mixes toxic materials in their vehicle may only obtain water at the district office headquarters under the supervision of district personnel.
    5. All water must be taken from hydrants in strict accordance with directions provided by the District. Any damage resulting will be billed to the customer at the full cost of repair to the fire hydrant meter and/or the water system.
  4. Please call 360-668-6766 during regular business hours if you have any problems with the fire hydrant meter.
  5. Fire Hydrant Meter Policy and Procedure For Cross Valley Water District
  6. Policy
    In the interest of public safety and to protect the integrity of the water system the fire hydrant meters are allowed for a maximum of 30 days. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis by Cross Valley Water District for projects that will last more than 30 days. The project must have an estimated completion date.
  7. Current Fees

    There is a $65 permit fee for the first day and $8.50 per day up to 30 days. There is a $200 per day charge for meters left on longer than 30 days without prior approval from CVWD. Water usage is charged at the highest tier of the current rates per hundred cubic feet of water used. If this meter will be attached for more than 24 hours a $1,265 deposit) will be collected before the meter is installed ($1,200 refundable deposit plus $65 permit fee. Any damage to the meter will be billed to the customer at the full cost of repair. Any illegal connection to a Cross Valley Water District hydrant will result in a $750 charge and any other costs resulting from the unauthorized usage.

  8. Procedure
    1. Requires 24-hour notice, address and location of fire hydrant you wish to use. Please submit a hydrant meter use agreement to our office before 3:00 p.m. the day before requested use of the fire hydrant meter. Meter will be installed no earlier than 9 a.m. of the day you wish it and removed by 3:30 p.m. that day.
    2. Vehicles are subject to inspection the first time the hydrant meter is used and anytime thereafter at the District’s discretion.
    3. Must submit a written request to remove the fire hydrant meter. Email the Cross Valley Water Department.
    4. When the meter has been returned and the final bill has been paid, contact our office in writing to request us to refund the $1200 deposit ($1,265 minus $65 equals a $1,200 refund).
    5. Cross Valley Water District personnel will install and remove the meter so that the hydrant is set up to operate correctly with the meter installed.  The customer cannot remove or move the meter nor operate the fire hydrant.  The meter is read when installed and read when removed so that an accurate amount of usage is reported. The meter must stay on the fire hydrant and not be removed by the customer. Any damage to the meter or the fire hydrant is the customer’s responsibility and the customer will be billed the full repair costs.
    6. Company must supply Cross Valley with company name, billing address, phone number, and contact person.
    7. During winter months, the meter must be insulated to keep it from freezing. If it freezes and it has not been winterized, then you will be billed for the repairs.
    8. If you must cancel, please call our office (24 hour answering service at 360-668-6766) and leave a message with the answering service before the scheduled time of installation so we can intercept the installation. If we install the meter and you call later and cancel then you will be charged the $65.00 permit fee. You will be billed the permit fee even if you do not use the meter on the day requested.
    9. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Phone number: 360-668-6766 (24 hours)
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