Your Meter

how to.....your meter

  1. Locate
  2. Read
  3. Turn Off


Meters are located in the county right of way, between the street and your property line. They are located on the ground in a box with a plastic or concrete lid, possibly on the right or left side of your driveway. The lid will have a black circle embedded in it, this is the cellular endpoint. If there is more than one meter box, you can reference your bill for the meter and endpoint number associated with your account or call the office at 360-668-6766 for assistance.

How to Locate your Water Service Line 

The District does not have an AS-Built for your water service line. Usually, the service line will be in a straight line from the meter to your home. There are companies that can locate your water line if a guide wire was placed with the pipe.

Service Line Locates

Cross Valley marks our infrastructure up to the meter in blue and to the right-of-way or easement line. The District also marks in green for sewer. Cross Valley does not know where your service line is located. Service Lines are on private property and are the responsibility of the property owner.