Leak Alert Service on Eye on Water

One of the best features of Eye On Water is that it lets you set your own leak alert. This can be delivered via email or text message and is completely customizable by you.

The leak alert service is determined by a flow of water as small as one gallon per hour that has continued for a 24 hour period.  You will receive a message that you have a leak and how large it is per hour. Cross Valley encourages you to set this up to monitor your water usage to prevent water loss and high water bills.


Choose “Intermittent Flow”  - Residential typically has 1 or 2 hours a day with no water being used.

Starting Point limit 1 (one) gallon per hour. It’s low enough to catch a leaky toilet or faucet.

On the Alerts tab of the set-up, if you hover over the “i” it shows you examples of how to format the email to receive text alerts from the various cellular carriers.

Cross Valley and the Badger/Beacon software cannot detect if the leak is outside or inside. YOU will need to investigate this or hire someone to do it for you. Please contact the office with any questions.