Customer Information

Beginning January 1, 2020

Cross Valley has partnered with Backflow Solutions Inc or BSI Online, a third party contractor to manage the Districts Cross Connection Control Program.  BSI Online provides a web-based tracking program and a more efficient and cost effective means of managing the Districts inventory of backflow prevention assemblies.

What this means for you the customer:

  • Notifications will have the device and the last testers information listed.
  • A Customer Confirmation Number (CCN) will be assigned so you can have access to your records and verify the annual test report has been submitted. Customer Portal
  • Annual test compliance is January 1st through May 31st.
  • Your certified tester will need to upload the test report with BSI online. There is a fee associated with uploading. 

Questions Contact

BSI Online (888) 966- 6050 or  Cross Valley (360) 668-6766