Customer Notification Procedures


The Cross Valley Water District (District) has adopted Resolution 2019-8-3 updating the District’s Cross Connection Control Program. The District established the Cross Connection Consumer Notification Procedures to address both compliance and non-compliance as outlined in the Cross Connection Program under Enforcement.


The District established May 31st as the due date for compliance. Annual tests for compliance shall begin January 1st and end May 31st each calendar year.


The District shall mail out notices by the United States Postal Services to the service address and billing address on file.

  1. Notice 1 Courtesy
  2. Notice 2 warning
  3. Notice 3 Final


In the month of March, the District shall notify the service address and billing address on file by mail with a courtesy reminder notice that a current annual test has not been received by the District.

Non-Compliance begins June 1st.

Policy and Procedures