Connection Charges

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Connection charges are paid to the district when properties connect or add to the system. CVWDC 9.10 Water Connection Fee and CVWDC 9.20 Sewer Connection Fee explain the policy on how and what is assessed.

There are many factors that are involved for each property and requires the District to evaluate each property individually. The Water or Sewer Inquiry form must be completed to know the estimated cost of a property to connect to the District.

The general and local facility connection charges automatically increase each year, on September 1. The increase is based on the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the greater Seattle area for the 12-month period of July 1st to June 30th. The annual CPI adjustment is not less than zero percent and does not exceed five percent.

The current connection charges are provided in Rate Table IV, which give a starting cost point for a connection by meter size. This amount can vary dependent on the requirements needed, refer to CVWDC 9.10 and CVWDC 9.20.  

Charges shown are effective September 1 to August 31. 

Rates Annually Sept 1 to Aug 31


The District has adopted an Additional Unit Policy which includes Accessory Dwelling Units. The policy is located in the District Code CVWDC 9.45.